Wine ethos

At Kernowine, we guarantee you’ll be able to buy delicious wine, discover new flavours and broaden your “vinous” experience. Education is vitally important in the world of wine, and we want people to be confident about buying wine wherever they are. You’ll always get friendly, instructive advice – while also being able to try some wines before you buy – and we won’t stock wines just because they have a flashy label, if the juice inside isn’t up to scratch.

How the wines are made is also important to us. With the world facing a climate emergency, it’s important that our wines are ethically sourced from sustainable (and organic and biodynamic) vineyards and producers, which try to cut their carbon footprint, preserve precious resources such as energy and water, are socially responsible, ecologically responsible (especially in the use of chemicals and their effect on plants & wildlife) and help their local communities thrive.

You’ll always be able to find wine to suit your budget, with a range under £15, to medium and high priced bottles plus some fine wines from time to time which have been aged for a few years and will be pretty special. We do also stock orange wines (more chunky white wines which have been left on the grape skins while fermenting giving the orange colour), “natural” wines (which have been made with minimal intervention), vegan wines, biodynamic wines, dessert wines, half bottles and magnums for picnics, days out and special occasions.

We also offer a wine refill service, where you can fill up your own bottle with wine (purchased from us for future reuse) and canned wines – which both cut down on plastic, glass and cardboard waste while cutting air miles and extra emissions.

There’s our Kernow Wine Club, which you can join to get a bi-monthly Kernow classic, premium or luxury case.

In the shop, we employ local people with a passion for wine, and as an employer we believe in diversity in the workplace as well as offering a living wage with equal opportunities for all.