Gonzalez Byass, Apóstoles, Palo Cortado Muy Viejo (VORS)



The Palomino grapes destined for Apóstoles are pressed using pneumatic Wilmes presses obtaining the highest quality must. Only the ‘mosto yema’, the free run and first press must is used for this wine, considered the most delicate and elegant. Following fermentation to between 11% and 12% alcohol the wine is fortified to 18% alcohol and then enters the Palo Cortado Solera. An empty space of 100 liters is left in the casks so that the wine has a large surface area in contact with the oxygen and therefore undergoes complete oxidisation. The Pedro Ximénez grapes undergo a strong press similar to olive oil production. The must then begins to ferment although stops at around 7% alcohol due to sugar stress. At this time the wine is fortified to 15% alcohol and then enters to the Pedro Ximénez Solera. After aging separately for more or less 12 years the two grape varieties are blended, 87% Palomino and 13% Pedro Ximénez. The blend then enters into the Apóstoles Solera where it will spend a further 18 years. Due to its more than 30 years of ageing it enters into the category VORS (Very Old Rare Sherry). This is an off-dry 
sherry with hints of butterscotch and a delicate sweet 
finish. Perfect with cured meats, paté or foods rich in garlic or spice.

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