Chateau du Margaux, Pavillon Blanc 2011





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In 2011, the white harvest was the earliest since 1893 at Chateau du Margaux. They say they feared that the ripening of the grapes in the middle of the summer, just when the days are longest, and often hottest, would result in a wine without balance, too rich in alcohol, low in acidity and lacking taste. Thanks to the cool temperatures in July and August, not only was the balance maintained, but it was that of a great vintage. 2011 is a magnificent Pavillon Blanc of completely the same lineage and level as the 2010. This result is, of course, the fruits of very rigorous selection: no more than a third of an already small harvest was retained for the final blending; it is nevertheless the same proportion as the previous year. It is excellent to drink now, but can be kept longer without any risk.

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