Tasca d’Almerita, Grillo Cavallo delle Fate



Tasca’s large range is the product of the family’s most successful innovations, including short pruning for lower yields, the championing of local Inzolia and Nero d’Avola vines, the introduction of French varieties, and the use of barriques and temperature control. Grillo, a cross between Moscato and Catarratto, results in a wine with a concentrated and complex aroma. It is cultivated at Regaleali on the hills next to Case Vecchie outside Palermo, Sicily. It’s produced by blending grapes from different harvest periods: the early harvested grapes give freshness and acidity; while the later harvest provides structure and body. According to popular fables, the cricket, or ‘grillo’, would carry the fairies on its back as a horse would its rider, hence the name ‘Cavallo delle Fate’ (the horse of the fairies). Tasca is a member of SOStain, the sustainability protocol for Sicilian viticulture.

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