Szepsy, Szamorodni 2013



The Szepsy family has been producing Tokaj wines in Hungary since the 1500s, with the aim of producing the best grapes possible. The estate is comprised of 50 hectares of vines, that are forty years of age on average, planted on steep slopes at high altitude on a rocky volcanic soil. The Szepsy family history is deeply linked to that of Tokaj Aszú wine production: In 1631, Szepsy Laczko Mate was the first man to ever write down how to make Tokaji Aszú. The word Szamorodni means “as it comes” which means that the bunches containing aszú berries and healthy ripe berries are harvested together (when making Aszú wine, aszú berries are picked separately) before pressing and soaking allows the botrytised taste to be released. The wine contains 170g residual sugar with the taste of yellow and dried fruits, minerals and a hint of botrytis.

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