Kalfu, Sumpai, Syrah 2017



Made by Ventisquero Wine Estates, Kalfu means ‘blue’ in Mapudungun, the language of the aboriginal Mapuche people of southern Chile, representing the influence of the nearby Pacific Ocean and the extensive skies of the region. Meanwhile, Sumpai are mythological Mapuche beings, half human and half fish, that resemble mermaids and mermen. According to the legends, their mission is to care for rivers, lakes and oceans. Sumpai is Kalfu’s single vineyard range and all of the Kalfu range is made from 100% estate owned vineyards in the coastal regions of Chile. Last year in their Leyda vineyard they launched a photovoltaic project which will generate 164,900 kwh of clean energy, meaning that 80 tons of CO2 per year will no longer be emitted. This Syrah is a deep violet red, medium body with crisp acidity and freshness. The round, firm tannins underpin a gentle, elegant background of French oak leading to spices and herbs.

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